About Us

Our Story

Welcome to our corner of the world,

OLMA The Label exists to inspire plus-size women to express themselves freely.

We believe in a world where there are no limits placed on confidence.

Where size does not dictate worth.

OLMA symbolises embracing yourself wholeheartedly and unapologetically. 

Meet Our Founder

Lou a.k.a

Oluwatosin Louise Mayowa Asaye


  • OLMA was birthed out of a lifelong passion for fashion, coupled with the disappointment at the exclusion of women over certain dress sizes. I truly believe every woman deserves to feel amazing in beautiful pieces and feel like she belongs regardless of size.

  • As someone who has struggled with confidence and whoose body has also fluctuated in various dress sizes, its been quite disappointing not having options. I knew if I was experiencing this, surely other women were. My curiosity led me here, where I finally decided to leave everything behind and create this myself...

  • I ask that you join me in standing tall, stepping into your power and owning who you are whilst looking fabulous doing so!


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