Owning your story and improving self confidence

Owning your story and improving self confidence

Here at OLMA, we believe in a world where there are no limits placed on confidence, where size does not dictate worth. Fundamentally this begins at our core, the relationship we have with ourselves, the self-talk. What does this look like? Are you affirming? Or are you dismissive? When you look in the mirror who do you see staring back? How do you talk to her? Do you build her up or do you tear her down?

In a world where we can instantly compare ourselves to more people than we’d ever speak to in a lifetime, a world where we are exposed to the mass opinions of others, it can be challenging to escape the noise.

Pair this with the nuances of womanhood today and its a recipe for self-doubt, stress and anxiety. Being subjected to stereotypes and unrealistic beauty standards. We have messaging from all angles, all conflicting, all at the same time.

This is why the most important story of all is our own.

The stories we tell ourselves can be so powerful. Our Confidence Kit is a beautiful guide to changing that story for the better. The kit houses powerful affirmation cards to display on the Jarrah wood stand and thought-provoking self reflective journal prompts to discover your magic, unlock your true power and step into a more confident you.

It’s not about tricking yourself into thinking you are worthy, it is about discovering who you are and for that alone, knowing you are worthy and declaring it is so.

It is about turning the lens inwards and realising all the beautiful parts of you that make you unique.

It is about empowering yourself and standing tall, self-assured, confident, believing you are worthy. Knowing you deserve good things. Trusting yourself to make decisions, extending compassion to yourself.

It is about owning your story and embracing yourself wholeheartedly and unapologetically.

So go on, own your story.

Unlock your most confident self and grab your Confidence Kit today. Future you would be proud.

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