Fashion Month Trends

Fashion Month Trends

Fashion Month just concluded and if you’re still processing all the looks, you’re not alone! The who’s who of fashion jetted off from New York, to London, then headed to Europe for Paris and Milan Fashion Week. Here’s our rundown of the trends for SS23 coming out of fashion month.

Our Top 5 Trends

  • Juxtaposed Colour Combinations
  • Utilitarianism
  • Romantic, cottage-core
  • Funky Trims & Cut-Outs
  • Denim

Juxtaposed Colour Combinations adorned the runway, with vibrant colours, statement patterns and textured pieces paired with more muted and understated tones.


Utilitarianism with a slight shift away from athleisure; think cargo pants, wide leg bottoms, shorts & skirts with wide pockets. The classic white shirt was also re-invented with a twist, a play on necklines and sleeves.

Romantic, cottage-core with underwear as outerwear, pieces adorned with lace and corsets continue to captivate. Lavenders & lilacs remain dominant, paired with fabrics like chiffon, tulle & organza. Romance with a dark twist was also popular, with blacks, violets and leather.


Funky Trims & Cut-Outs were a highlight; think fringes, sequins and embellishments. Brands also continue to be creative with placement and asymmetries of cut-outs.


Denim and jeans wear were spotted across the board, 00’s low rise jeans, skirts and double denim

Notable mention to Loewe who brought the meta verse to the real world.      

Representation in Fashion


Body diversity was visible with some designers featuring more than one curvy model here and there.

We particularly want to see more brands incorporate a mixture of mixture models with an array of body shapes. Not just the token “plus-size” model some brands are utilising. Whilst representation is great, we still have a long way to go.

If we can make a spray on dress, we can have fashion for bigger, curvier bodies.

Images included in the post are not our own and were publicly obtained via Vogue Runway & Getty Images.


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